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The Sycamore Firefighters Union was  organized in 1986 as IAFF Local 3046. The Sycamore Firefighters L3046 is
affiliated with both the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois (AFFI) and the International Association of Fire Fighters
(IAFF).  Both organizations work on Firefighter issues; primarily safety issues and grant funding.  The AFFI is our
state organization that works in Springfield, IL.  The IAFF works at the Federal level in Washington D.C.. Both
organizations are known for supporting those who support Fire Fighter and public safety issues. 

Our Local participates in a wide variety of community and charitable activities including, but not limited to: Meals
on Wheels, Teaching Fire Science and EMS through the Kishwaukee Education Consortium, Teaching potential
future firefighters though the Sycamore Fire Dept. Intern Program, Sponsoring scholarships through the Sycamore
High School,  Coaching and Sponsoring Sycamore Youth Atheltics, and Muscular Dystrophy Association fundraising
efforts just to name a few. Many members are also active in the Sycamore community through Churches, Service
Clubs and PTA/PTO organizations, again, just to name a few. We are all proud to be part of the Sycamore
community where all of us work and most of us live. 

The Sycamore Firefighters local 3046 consists of 26 bargaining members, which make up three shifts.


Lt./EMT-B  Tal Hickey
Lt./PM  Shaun Penn
Lt./PM  Todd Turner
Lt./PM  Kurt Mathey
Lt./PM Dan Marcinkowski
Lt./PM Darrin Hepker

Lt./PM Paul Rubeck

FF/PM  Bob Maciejewski
FF/PM  Brad Belanger
FF/PM  Bill Reynolds
FF/PM  Pat Dulzo
FF/PM  Jim Ward
FF/PM  Scott Flatter
FF/PM  Brian Thompson
FF/PM  John Pink
FF/PM  Eric Walker
FF/PM  Adam Honiotes
FF/PM  Ryan Gustafson
FF/PM  Erik Carlson
FF/PM  Dustin Ruby
FF/PM  Andy Powers
FF/PM Ian Wheeler
FF/PM Nick Young

FF/PM Mike Hardesty
FF/PM Matt Anderson
FF/PM Eric Saxton

Current Union Officers
President - Eric Walker
Vice President - Shaun Penn
Secretary - James Ward
Treasurer - Andy Powers

Union Retirees
Ben Henderson
Gary Beman
Randy Rhodes
Jim Lyon
Duane Prather
Cary Niewold
Mark Kessler
Jack Spartz

Tom Pritchett

Past Union Presidents
Randy Rhodes
Mark Kessler
Duane Prather
Jim Lyon
Jack Spartz jr.
Kurt Mathey

Dan Marcinkowski